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  • Straight Natural Bob Style Short Capless Synthetic Wig

    Straight Natural Bob Style Short Capless Synthetic Wig

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    For an inexpensive wig that isn't even real hair, this is awesome. Of the four I recently purchased here, this is my favorite, and it was the least expensive--go figure..I bought it in the #4. I noticed that with the lace front, if you use small scissors and make the hairline a little uneven, it looks more natural. It is a little shiny, but somehow the cut and color make the slight shine more acceptable. Whoever designed the color on this did a great job. Of the four, I will send one back, keep two, and probably give the other to a friend. Since this is all new to me, and I didn't know what I was doing, I'd say two out of four makes it worth shopping for a wig at Amazon.

    By Grazyna Broadbent From 12/07/2018

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